Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Say My Name – “Malaise Forever”

Lawrence, Kansas indie-electronic producer Say My Name is set to drop a new collection of tape strangulations and experimental sound collages with his stellar new album, Malaise Forever, out today digitally and on limited edition cassette via new San Francisco based label Foreign Domestic. 
With a deft mix of electronic and organic instrumentation, The Kid has created a headphones-worthy world of wonders with glassy, mesmerizing synths like on the chilled-out standout track, “Ahistoric” and jittery rhythms and smoldering synths like on “Nordberg”, which also samples vocals from Jordan Geiger of Hospital Ships.  Other standouts on the 9-track album include the title track, “Malaise Forever” which opens the album sounding like a warped tape being eaten alive in a Sony Walkman before dissolving into a cosmic industrial motorik offset by trumpet and violin and “Oklahoma Chrome” and its stuttering beat and layers of glimmering synths.   

Stream and purchase Malaise Forever here:

For more info: http://soundcloud.com/say-my-name and https://twitter.com/SayMyName_1985


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