Friday, April 04, 2014

Free Friday: Ghosty - "Ghosty"

Ghosty, the K.C. based indie rock trio led by singer/guitarist Andrew Connor released their stellar self-titled album earlier this week on vinyl and CD via High Dive Records.  To celebrate, they are offering up the digital version of the album as a name-your-price download via their Bandcamp page. 

The album showcases their slinky brand of Shins-like indie-pop that is bolstered by clever, catchy lyrics and Motown-inspired melodies and grooves.  Driven by the super-tight rhythm section of bassist Mike Nolte and drummer Bill Belzer, the lead-off track “Joy In My Sorrow” is highlighted by twinkling pianos and soaring vocal harmonies for a standout moment on an album filled with them.  Another standout, “Sharpening Swords” features a propulsive rhythm, a strutting bass line, cascading guitars and Andrew’s melancholic melodies.       

Download the Ghosty LP here:  
Order the physical product here:

Stream and Download “Joy in My Sorrow” here:


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