Thursday, March 06, 2014

VIDEO: Josh Berwanger – “Baby Loses Her Mind”

Josh Berwanger (formerly of The Anniversary) recently released his excellent solo album, Strange Stains, via Good Land Records which showcased his brand of melodic folk and classic rock-inspired indie rock. 
Berwanger and his band are set to tour leading up to and following SXSW and has just released the new self-made video for the power-pop standout track, “Baby Loses Her Mind” in which he cut out images of some of his favorite 80’s hair metal bands like Twisted Sister, Poison, Bulletboys, and Skid Row from his old Metal Edge and Hit Parader magazines and added the song’s lyrics in conversation bubbles for a humorous and clever tribute.     

Watch “Baby Loses Her Mind” here:

For tour dates and more info: and


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