Friday, March 07, 2014

Free Friday: Moonlit Sailor – “We Come From Exploding Stars”

Moonlit Sailor recently released their stunning fourth album, We Come From Exploding Stars via Deep Elm Records.  The Swedish post-rock quartet combine Modest Mouse-like indie rock and the cinematic grandeur of Sigur Ros’s brand of post-rock with soaring pop-leaning melodies for their most imaginative and evocative album yet.    
The dynamic standout track, “Skydiver” teeters between a propulsive marching band rhythm with sliding guitar melodies and broad-stroking chords that give the feeling of free-falling and support the song’s title.  Another standout track “Dollar Underwater” is highlighted by a cyclical, rumbling drum pattern and lush layers of shimmering guitars that recall former label mates, The Appleseed Cast.     
In celebration of their 19th year of existence, Deep Elm Records is offering up nearly all of their 200 releases – Moonlit Sailor and Appleseed Cast albums included - as a name-your-price download.     

Download We Come From Exploding Stars here:

Stream “Skydiver” here:

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