Friday, March 14, 2014

Free Friday: Jettison Tape – “Second Sleep”

Jettison Tape is the experimental new project from Brooklyn-based musician Dave Fischoff who used to record under his own name for Secretly Canadian Records before diving into film composing and then remixing and producing dance music and hip-hop under the moniker, Spoolwork. 

Second Sleep, his debut album as Jettison Tape is an all instrumental blend of his past projects including, found recordings and loops created from “jettisoned” tapes bought in thrift stores, haunting yet gorgeous cinematic flourishes, danceable hip-hop inspired beats, and hints of swirling 60’s psychedelics that create a layered and complex headphones-worthy soundtrack to a strange world that is easy to get lost in.
Second Sleep is available as a name-your-price download via the Jettison Tape Bandcamp page here:
Stream and download the 80’s-inspired single, “Night Driver” with its driving beat, glimmering synths and side-winding guitars here:


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