Friday, March 28, 2014

Free Friday: HANDS IN - "Polyester Itch"

HANDS IN is the solo project of Erick Crosby of Portland, OR psych-pop band Yourself And The Air.  With YATA on hiatus, HANDS IN now gets his full attention and his latest album Polyester Itch proves to be his most realized and cohesive yet with sharper vocal melodies and more focused song structures.            
Standout track, “Way Out” opens with a propulsive motorik groove as trebly flickering guitars, falsetto vocals and 60’s pop melodies take over.  Next, “Good Deeds” is highlighted by cascading guitars before dissolving into spaced-out Middle Eastern psychedelics and “Drivers” is crazed, reverb-rich surf rock on acid for a nice one-two punch.  Another standout “Take Time Enough” blends together plinking electric piano, pitch-shifting vocal effects and the album’s catchiest melodies.  The nine-track album closes out with the infectious hip-swiveling rhythm of the aptly-titled “Girls Are Gonna Dance”. 

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