Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Danny & His Fantasy + Christian Gough – Self-Titled Split Album

The Cincinnati-based psych-pop band Healing Power/Pomegranates split late last year and member Joey Cook has emerged with his new solo project, Danny & His Fantasy.  As Danny, he indulges in glittery danceable 80’s synth-pop that retains his knack for quirky melodies and has just released a self-titled split album with Christian Gough of fellow Cincy band, The Yugos as a digital download via Bandcamp. 
The album opens with five songs from Joey’s Danny & His Fantasy including “Mantra” which features a funky bass line and an energetic 80’s-informed rhythm along with a quick, rap-like vocal cadence.  “Love Knows Your Name” is highlighted by a shuffling beat, driving bass and glimmering synths.  Standout track, “Soul Crossing” is a holdover from the Healing Power days with a mystical atmosphere of haunting synths, soulful vocals and a bouncy beat that recalls Swedish synth-poppers, Niki & The Dove.  Next, the dynamic “All My Love” opens as soaring synth-pop but closes out with handclaps, acoustic guitars and Joey’s trademark falsetto in a nod to 70’s power-pop.  With its sly, Prince-like funk, standout track "Morning Light" may be the sexiest song about abstinence ever written and closes out Danny’s side on a high note.
The thumping beat and chiming guitars of “Ingénue” opens Christian’s side which also focuses on a synth-heavy dance-pop sound.  Joey appears on “I Been Waitin” with its stair-stepping synths and skittering beat, as the two trade vocals on the standout track.  “Heartbreak On The Streets Of The City” is filled with layers of strange synths, a stuttering rhythm and paranoia-stricken chanted vocals.  “Face This” is a little more straight-forward with a propulsive beat and cascading psych-pop melodies.  The album closes out with the off-kilter ballad “I Know Who You Are” with its ethereal vocals and big piano chords.
The Danny & His Fantasy + Christian Gough split album is also available on an extremely limited run of hand-dubbed and packaged cassette tapes.


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