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Track-By-Track: Preston Lovinggood – “Shadow Songs”

The former Wild Sweet Orange frontman released his highly-anticipated debut solo album, Sun Songs last year, via Communicating Vessels.  The stunning album showcased his genre-defiant folk-pop sound that incorporates everything from chugging acoustic guitars and handclaps to New Wave-inspired synths and ornate blues along with his haunting, reverb-rich vocals.    
Today marks the release of the companion album Shadow Songs.  The unique new album was mostly recorded in Lovinggood’s native Birmingham, Alabama by producer/engineer Darrell Thorp (Beck, Radiohead) and features newly recorded versions of five tracks from Sun Songs, which add dreamy kaleidoscopic synths and fuller more vivid arrangements that give the songs new life.  Additionally, the album includes six brand new tracks like, the breathy slow-burning opening track, “Overactor”.        
Preston was kind enough to provide an exclusive track-by-track commentary to Shadow Songs that gives insight into the meaning behind the songs and a glimpse into his writing process. 

Check it out below along with a stream of the album.    

“This is a song about self-pity. I was working for a friend, in New York City, showcasing some of his sculptures, when I first started working on this song. I was also enduring extreme back pain during this time; so I started deeply despairing my situation. I was baffled about my life daily; I was often getting lost on the subways. One day I emerged from the tunnels into Times Square, an elderly woman handed me a tract; it somehow gave my life some significance.  Later, I found my way to another friend’s apartment; she had a book of poetry, on her coffee table.  So I opened the book to a poem, "Say Yes Quickly" by Rumi. I read the poem and tried to fall asleep.” – Preston Lovinggood

“I wrote this song while I was still active in Wild Sweet Orange, but it needed a re-write after the breakup. Around Christmas 2011, I was sitting in a Honda with my guitar when I finally finished the song. It needed a second verse, I wanted to use the word ‘desire’, so I did, and I was finished with it.” – PL

“Sun Song”
“We were touring in between two cities. I went crazy, looking for you, waiting; I was in Gary, Indiana, at that exit...This song was written right then, right there, while leaving Chicago.  The combination of Gary, Indiana and not wanting my band to fall apart, or maybe, wanting it to...I don’t know! I was going crazy!” - PL

“I went to this place in Louisiana, there were these cows. Cows have the most beautiful eyes.  I was scared to walk near them, so I walked around them.  I kept walking further into this field, I was still scared.  I saw a creek and was so glad, so glad that I had kept walking. When I walked back I had the courage to walk with the herd.” - PL

“Little gods”
“This song is about my incessant sexual longing. I become consumed with obsession for someone; It’s sorta like I had my Willie Nelson “Bloody Mary Morning” experience.  You know that one?    This song is about wanting to make babies, about having babies, and about being babies. We’re all just little babies.” - PL

“She left town, and left me. It left my life in shambles. She sent me an odd picture, of herself, before she got on the plane. From the picture: I knew it had to be over and that I was not going to talk to her when she got back.” - PL

“Ancient Path”
“It’s a song I was humming while experiencing a meadow at dusk. The meadow in the song also inspired ‘Further.’” - PL 

“TMI (False Lover Blues)”
“During a conversation in the studio, I was getting annoyed, irritated, enraged, about technology and how it addicts us, like ice cream. Leslie (guitarist/drummer) elaborated and terrified me with his statement, ‘I’m cool with it all, until we have terminators walking the streets.’” - PL 

“Pat Conroy Beach Music”
“No comment.  This song is about the time I met the rapper 50 Cent.” - PL

“Cage Dive”
“Inspired by the jaws theme song, I was really obsessed, with Steven Spielberg, at the time; and I mean really- obsessed. The song is about some time I spent in Cape Town, South Africa where I saw some Great White sharks.” – PL  

“Fear Not”
“A couple years ago I drove to Nebraska to visit my Sister. I think I had the idea for the song back then. I don't think I listened to music the whole drive. I really liked being alone back then. The chorus came from a dream I had about the band Eisley: I was driving a big boat car or something, with my best friend sitting in the back seat with the girls from Eisley and they were singing "every day you break a new heart, every day you break a new heart." When we finished the song in the studio, it felt very free and fun. Darrell had the Giants game on the tube. I was thinking about the Beatles, and then we went and ate some good food.” – PL

Stream Shadow Songs here:


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