Wednesday, February 19, 2014

3 Songs: On Repeat

Lydia Loveless – “Really Wanna See You” (The Columbus, OH based singer-songwriter mixes some fierce punk attitude in with her rollicking and catchy brand of country-rock and matches that intensity with the bracingly raw and honest lyrics on her stunning third album, Somewhere Else, out now on Bloodshot Records.)    

Lost In The Trees – “Past Life” (Frontman Ari Picker stripped his band down from an orchestral six-piece to a more rhythm and synth-driven quartet for their new album, Past Life, out now on Anti-.  As the perfect introduction, the pulsing, ethereal title track showcases the streamlined yet full-bodied electro-rock of the excellent new album.)   

Miserable – “Orchid” (Miserable is the solo project from Kristina Esfandiari, formerly of Whirr. The second track from her debut EP, Halloween Dreams - out now on The Native Sound – is slow to unfurl but once it does it blooms into a soaring haze of guitars, haunting reverb-rich vocals and pounding drums that are the cornerstone of her new project.)


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