Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Shy Boys - "Shy Boys"

K.C. based indie pop band Shy Boys are set to release their self-titled debut album via High Dive Records today.  Led by Collin Rausch and rounded out by his brother, Kyle and Konner Ervin - both of label mates, The ACBS - the band plays different instruments than what they are used to and recorded live to tape to create a loose and raw brand of surf rock with reverb rich guitars, propulsive rhythms, infectious 60’s pop melodies and swooning falsetto vocals. 
The album opens with rhythmic chugging guitars and a strutting bass line on the standout track, “Is This Who You Are”.  The propulsive first single, “Keeps Me On My Toes” follows with jangly guitars, wispy vocals and a sing-along chorus.  “Notion” is highlighted by crashing drums and some catchy Beach Boys-like melodies and “Bully Fight” was inspired by a school bully made infamous on YouTube.  The twitchy “And I Am Nervous” with its rafters-reaching vocals harmonies ends with an extended jam.  “Heart Is Mine” features all three vocalists combining for a dreamy, 50’s rock and doo-wop inspired standout moment.  Next, “Postcard” features shimmering guitars and a loping bass line.  The aptly-titled “Submarine” is bolstered by a low, rumbling guitar line that is contrasted nicely by the weightless vocal harmonies and the pretty guitar flourishes of “Fireworks” will be remembered long after.  The cascading guitars and ethereal atmosphere of the last-dance-worthy “Trim” closes out the album which breezes by in twenty minutes and begs to be repeated.             

Download “Bully Fight” here: http://soundcloud.com/high-dive/shy-boys-bully-fight

This review was first printed in the Dayton City Paper: www.daytoncitypaper.com


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