Friday, January 10, 2014

Free Friday: Smug Brothers – “Strictly Triggers” EP

Dayton mid-fi indie rock band Smug Brothers returned this week with the digital release of their new EP titled, Strictly Triggers via Gas Daddy Go! Records.  The seven-song EP was released in anticipation of a full-length due later this year and is being offered as a free or pay-what-you-want download or on limited edition cassette which is due in stores on January 21.  Or you can also grab a copy at their co-release show with The Motel Beds at the Old Yellow Cab Building in Dayton on January 18.     
The EP opens with the short acoustic intro, “A Ghostly Host” before fuzzed out bass and an appropriately-liquid guitar line ushers in the infectiously catchy standout first single, “They Are Fluid”.  “Heavy Feather” quickly follows with big open chords, rumbling drums and some danceable 60’s pop melodies.  The less-than-a-minute-long “1900 Man” features a blown out atmosphere of loose acoustic guitars and a simple, repetitive refrain.  Another standout, “Behind The Vines” features cascading guitars and a sweet sentiment along with some noisy outbursts.  Next, “She Grew Up To The Block” is highlighted by a propulsive rhythm and chugging guitars, sounding like a New Wave version of Guided By Voices and the EP closes out with the bouncy pop of “You’ll Wake To Salute”.         

Download the Strictly Triggers EP here:

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