Wednesday, January 22, 2014

3 Songs: On Repeat

MiWi La Lupa - “Radio” (Buffalo-based folk singer and multi-instrumentalist of Red Baraat offers up his stunning debut solo album, New Way Home, this week via Team Love Records.  The album features guests like Bill Frisell, and Conor Oberst but it’s his effortlessly graceful voice that is the star along with his biting lyrics and blend of bluesy folk and dream-pop instrumentation.)    

Mogwai – “Remurdered” (For Rave Tapes, their excellent eighth album out now on Sub Pop, the Scottish post-everything troop experimented more with analog synths, adding another layer to their already grandiose sound.  The result is their most fascinating and propulsive album yet and the rumbling undercurrent of the epic first single here, is the perfect introduction.  A very limited LP box set edition of the album is available that includes a 40-page hardcover book.)   

Warpaint – Biggy” (Recorded and mixed by Flood, their long-awaited and hotly-anticipated self-titled sophomore album released this week via Rough Trade delivers on the mountainous hype that arose from their 2010 debut.  The new album is much more dynamic yet still as devastating and beautiful.  Check out the standout trip-hop inspired second single here, with its ethereal vocals and driving beat.)    


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