Wednesday, October 02, 2013

3 Songs: On Repeat

Leverage Models – “Sweep (feat. Sharon Van Etten)” (Leverage Models is the new experimental project from Shannon Fields of Stars Like Fleas.  His self-titled debut album is out now via Hometapes.  This standout single, features twinkling 80’s inspired synths and rhythms along with swooning guest vocals from Sharon Van Etten and complex yet giddy pop melodies.)

FUZZ – “Loose Sutures” (Modern day garage-rock titan Ty Segall plays drums for this trio led by Charles Moothart, also of the Ty Segall Band.  Their self-titled debut is out now on In The Red and is filled to the top with bluesy, blown-out Sabbath-like guitar riffs, stomping, fill-heavy drum beats and warped psych-rock melodies.  It’s just like you expected but better.)  

Big Deal – “Swapping Spit” (The duo’s stunning sophomore album, June Gloom is out now on Mute and it improves upon their excellent debut with their bright and catchy Sonic Youth-like male/female vocal melodies that float above the fuzzy guitars and crunchy rhythms like fog over a boggy marsh.)


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