Monday, September 30, 2013

Stream It from The Mountain: Matt Pryor and James Dewees EP

Matt Pryor of The Get Up Kids and James Dewees of Reggie and the Full Effect and The Get Up Kids have recently been touring and podcasting together and both have new albums due out this November; Pryor, with his third solo effort, Wrist Slitter and Dewees with a long-awaited new Reggie album. 
In anticipation, the duo has collaborated on a new self-titled EP out now from Rory Records/Equal Vision Records.  The 3-song EP perfectly combines the anthemic pop sensibility of The Get Up Kids and the synth-driven heaviness of Reggie.  After Pryor’s quieter folk musings, it’s fun to hear him let loose again. 

Stream the Matt Pryor And James Dewees EP here:

For more info: and


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