Wednesday, September 18, 2013

3 Songs: On Repeat - Featuring 2 Songs From Yourself And The Air

Yourself And The Air – “The Great Outdoors” & “Home Photo” (With four excellent EP’s already under their belt, Portland-by-way-of Chicago trio create a colorful and catchy brand of off-kilter psych-pop on their long-awaited debut album, Spirit Mixers out now on Lujo Records.  Propulsive rhythms and swirling, spacey synths meld with knotty guitars, child-like nostalgia and pitch-shifted vocal weirdness for a captivating sound all their own.)
Download the standout first single, “The Great Outdoors” with its cagey drums and twinkling guitars here:
Download the rollicking and cosmic opening track, “Home Photo” here:

Pink Frost – “Ruins” (Formerly known as APTEKA, the Chicago quartet recently released their stellar sophomore album, Sundowning, via BLVD Records in conjunction with Notes and Bolts.  They create a thunderous "crusining-with-the-top-down-in-your-T-Bird" style of psych-rock with anthemic melodies and surging, molasses-thick guitars that pay homage to 90’s Chicago guitar-rock kings Hum and the Smashing Pumpkins.)     


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