Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Springtime - "South Hill" 7"

Emerging Richmond, VA based band Springtime are set to release the South Hill 7”, their debut EP, today via Tiny Engines Records.  Forming in 2011 and featuring former members of Family Cat, Tiger Tail and Cheyenne, Springtime creates a throwback hardcore sound that references D.C. emo-core godfathers, Rites Of Spring and Embrace along with a punk rock intensity and a melodicism all their own.    
The title track, “South Hill” opens the A-side with punchy guitars and vocals that recall the sly, gruffness of early Henry Rollins.  “Here Now” follows with a propulsive rhythm and a catchy Gorilla Biscuits-like melody for a standout moment.  The B-side opens with the choppy beat and anthemic charge of the much-too-short “Let Out” and closes out with the tangled, emo-era guitars and sing-along chorus of “Wait”.  As a bonus, the digital download of the EP comes with a roaring cover of the Fugazi classic, “Great Cop”. 
With the very promising South Hill 7”, Springtime has made a grand entrance and set the bar high for their full-length release.

The 1st pressing of the South Hill 7" vinyl is limited to 500 copies pressed on four colorways: 100 White w/ Blue & Orange Starburst, 120 White, 130 Gray and 150 Robin Egg Blue.

Download the title track, "Spring Hill" here: http://beartrappr.com/press/Springtime/01%20South%20Hill.mp3


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