Wednesday, August 14, 2013

3 Songs: On Repeat (featuring 2 songs from Loftus)

Loftus – “Bell And Hammer” and “When The Electricity Goes Out in The Submarine" (Featuring members of 90’s indie cult favorites, Rex and Red Red Meat - who became Califone - Loftus is a super-group of sorts whose only self-titled release gained cult status after its initial release in 2000 for its distinct, fractured folk sound.  Long out of print on CD, It has now been issued on limited edition vinyl for the first time via Jealous Butcher Records.  The legend goes, that after sitting in on each other’s sets during their tour together in ’95, the two bands decided to record an album by putting everyone's names in a hat, then picking out three to four names at a time to go into the room and come up with a song.  The resulting album is loose yet magical and now it sounds even better with a new mix and photos from the time the album was recorded.)   
Download the Tim Rutili sung “Bell And Hammer”:
Download the haunting and cascading “When The Electricity Goes Out in The Submarine”:

T. Hardy Morris – “OK Corral” (The frontman for the Georgia psych-rock band Dead Confederate  and member of the collaborative supergroup, Diamond Rugs, recently released his debut solo album, Audition Tapes on Dangerbird Records.  The 10-song set perfectly captures his ramshackle country-leaning sound but incorporates Elliott Smith-like melancholic melodies and a sense of nostalgia that never seems put-on, for an impressive debut from this prolific songwriter. )


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