Thursday, July 11, 2013

INTERVIEW: Daniel Martin Moore

Indie folk singer-songwriter Daniel Martin Moore is set to bring his timeless brand of Americana to the Bunbury Music Festival stage on Sunday. 
In anticipation of his upcoming performance at Bunbury this weekend, I caught up with the Kentucky-based musician to find out about his upcoming album and his favorite snacks.

Your last album, In The Cool Of The Day was released by Sub Pop in 2011 and it’s gorgeous Gospel-soaked sound was a favorite of mine that year and in 2012, you self-released Farthest Field along with Joan Shelley.  What have you been up to since then?  Are you currently working on a new album?
“We were on the road for much of 2012 - Joan & I played a bunch of duo-shows in the USA & EU.  It felt like we were all over the map last year.  And I was also recording an album for my label by Daniel Joseph Dorff (a Cincinnati legend) & Ronnie Kuller called "The Quiltbox Sessions" that came out earlier this year.  But yes, I've been working on loads of new recordings of my own, too.  I recently combed through the archives and remixed a bunch of unreleased tracks & B-sides for a collection due out at the end of this year, and we're set to begin tracking on an album of new songs before the year's end, too.” – Daniel Martin Moore

Without giving away all of the surprises, what do you have planned for your performance at Bunbury?  Will you be testing out any new songs?
“We will be playing several new ones, yes.  While they aren't brand new, they've never been recorded, at least.  And this will make the first time they've been played as a band.” - DMM

I am sure a lot of people are excited to see you perform at Bunbury, but who are you excited to see?
“I'm most excited about Devotchka & Camera Obscura, but there are so many quality bands this year.  And maybe this is weird to say, but I'm also really happy to be seeing my own band in the festival.  It has been over 18 months since I last played a show with these guys, and it has been so much fun rehearsing for the festival - feels great to be back at it.” - DMM

What one older and one current song do you wish you would have written yourself?
“Oh, I wouldn't say I wish I'd've written any song - sometimes not even the ones that I do write - but an older favorite would be Speak Low by Kurt Weill & Ogden Nash, and a new favorite would be “Wendy Bird” by Haley Bonar.  There's no shortage of beautiful music out there.” - DMM

On your Twitter page (@danielmmoore) you say, “I will thank you to provide me with snacks.”  So, what are your favorite snacks?
 “Pistachios.  Hands down.” – DMM

Download “Dark Road” from In The Cool Of The Day here:

Tickets are still available for the Bunbury Music Festival this weekend:


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