Wednesday, July 24, 2013

3 Songs: On Repeat

Junior Astronomers – “Lisalla” (The emerging North Carolina quartet released their stunning debut album, Dead Nostalgia via Broken Circle Records this week.  On it they create an intense and emotional whirlwind of cathartic 90’s emo, shout-along melodies and loose, jangly indie-rock along with vocalist Terrence Richard’s gruff howl.)     

The O’s – “Outlaw” (The Dallas folk-pop duo of Taylor Young on acoustic guitar and kick drum and John Pedigo on banjo released their new album, Thunderdog this week on their own, Punch Five Records.  Their stomping rhythms, rich, organic instrumentation and catchy, close-knit harmonies will appeal to Mumford & Sons fans and beyond.)

Ellie Herring – “Always Just Okay” (The electronic producer and vocalist released her new album, Kite Day, this week with the Racecar imprint.  The tapping and clicking beat, soothing R&B-inspired vocals and cosmic, washed out synths of the first single provides the perfect introduction to her upbeat yet dark electro-pop.)


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