Wednesday, July 10, 2013

3 Songs: On Repeat

Old Monk – “Fowl And Foe” (The Brooklyn garage-pop trio are currently releasing individual singles leading up to the release of their sophomore album due later this year on Eenie Meenie Records.  The latest is a tightly-spun bundle of raw nerves and energy with a loose bass line and a choppy rhythm to go along with its soaring vocal melody.)   

The Torches – “You Sucker” (Oboe and chugging violin-led chamber-pop collides with bluesy swamp rock and a punk spirit on the opening track to The Authority Of, the stellar debut album out now on Lujo Records.  The D.C.-based band is led by the Tom Waits-like Cajun carnival barking of Stephen Guidry, formerly of The Cassettes.)

Vacation – “Candy Waves” (The title track from the Cincinnati-based garage-punk band’s sophomore album out now on Don Giovanni Records.  The trio of Peyton Copes, Jerri Panic and Evan Wolff lace their off-kilter pop sense with surf-rock riffs, feedback-drenched Sonic Youth-like outbursts and endlessly energetic rhythms.)   


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