Friday, May 10, 2013

Free Friday: The Mohawk Lodge - "Damaged Goods"

The Mohawk Lodge, the Canadian indie rock band led by Ryder Havdale, just released Damaged Goods their fourth album, this week on White Whale Records.  The new album is available on shiny black vinyl and as a free download on their Bandcamp page.  
Havdale’s soulful Springsteen-tinged wail guides the ten punk-infused arena-worthy anthems that burn with a live intensity and a raw immediacy that came from recording live in the studio as a full band to capture the unbridled energy of their live show.  Standout tracks like the contrasting dissonant guitars and close-knit harmonies of the title track and the emotionally-charged “Using Your Love”, with its smoldering guitar solos and swaying sing-along, saloon-style chorus are tailor-made for late nights and long drives. 
Fans of The National, Arcade Fire and the Boss will instantly fall in love with Damaged Goods, the excellent new album from The Mohawk Lodge.

Download Damaged Goods here:  

For tour dates and more info: and


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