Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Plates Of Cake - "Teenage Evil"

Brooklyn-based indie rock quartet Plates Of Cake released their long-awaited sophomore album, Teenage Evil today via Uninhabitable Mansions.  The band is led by songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Jonathan Byerley along with bassist Gann Matthews and rounded out by lead guitarist Josh Carrafa and drummer Ian Burns, also of Old Monk.  Together they create a 50’s-inspired brand of psych-infused rock & roll with scorching guitar riffs and solos along with loads of catchy pop-leaning melodies.  Add to that, Jonathan’s barreling baritone and that darker edge gives them a unique sound akin to Leonard Cohen fronting a garage rock band.    
The album opens with the catchy first single, “Late Last London” and its propulsive take on British invasion rock with enough melody and charm to spare.  “A Capital Is Born” follows with Josh’s searing and soaring classic rock-loving guitar lines and a marching drum beat on the standout track.  “Transit Trials” showcases Byerley’s rich and rumbling baritone along with crashing cymbals and some sunny 60’s pop melodies.  Another standout, “Hey, Hey That’s Devotion” features an infectious, sing-along chorus, some melodic guitar runs and a bouncy Reggae-tinged beat.  The arena-worthy “Underwater Moonlight” is highlighted by delirious background vocals and a frantic, feedback-fueled guitar solo.  The title track, “Teenage Evil” has a hysteria-inducing and hip-shaking swagger that only Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley could top.  “Ticket To The Races” slows down the pace a bit with some swaying sock hop melodies.  And “Aviation Show” is built on a mammoth-sized Led Zeppelin-like guitar riff and a stomping rhythm along with some higher-pitched background vocals that perfectly contrast with Jonathan’s deeper tone for yet another standout moment.  The dynamic “Better Than Cruel” features the contrasting interplay between guitars that alternate between cascading and crunchy with a dark romantic bent.  The eleven song album closes out with the one-two punch of “Jade Vine” with its noisy bursts of guitar distortion and the super-melodic and jangly “As If The Choice Were Mine”. 
Plates Of Cake create a nostalgia-laced retro rock sound with a modern touch on their excellent new album Teenage Evil.       

Download “Late Last London” here: https://soundcloud.com/platesofcake/late-last-london


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