Wednesday, March 13, 2013

3 Songs: On Repeat

Aly Tadros – “Sweet On Me” (The Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter recently released her stunning sophomore album The Fits, which showcases her self-taught finger-picking guitar playing style on the ukulele, classical guitar and a 5-stringed Mexican instrument called a Vihuela.  The album is also highlighted by her smoldering and smooth jazz-inflected vocals and melodies.  This sweet, waltzing first single is the perfect introduction to her graceful and gorgeous brand of indie folk.  Be sure to catch her captivating live show this week at SXSW!)      

Sea Wolf – “Old Friend” (Singer-songwriter Alex Brown Church recently released Old World Romance, his third album as Sea Wolf via Dangerbird Records.  This time around, he chose to record the album himself at his home studio in California and the glorious result is a more melodic, personal and even experimental affair, with the addition of drum machines.  But Alex’s distinct, literate lyrics always seem to weave relatable tales with memorable melodies and take the spotlight once again.)         

The Lovely Bad Things – “Fried Eyes” (The California-based garage rock quartet blends psych-pop and surf punk with a Pixies and Sonic Youth-like dynamic including, crazed male/female vocals and buzzing guitar freakouts on their new Burger Records released new album, The Late Great Whatever.  The album is out now and they are on tour so go check them out!)    


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