Friday, February 08, 2013

Free Friday: Graham Wright - "Apple Breath" EP

Over the past six years or so, folk-pop singer-songwriter Graham Wright of Tokyo Police Club has been carving out a pretty solid solo career, with the 2011 release of Shirts vs. Skins, his debut solo album, being the highlight.  Last fall, he released a new 5-song EP titled, Apple Breath, as a free download on his Bandcamp page.  The Lakes Of Alberta, his excellent debut EP from 2008 was a stripped-down, intimate and folksy affair and Apple Breath follows in the same path with more subtle yet sticky melodies and crafty arrangements.   
The EP opens with the title track, “Apple Breath” and its swelling organs and multi-tracked vocals that lends to an ethereal atmosphere.  Graham’s understated baritone vocals, twinkling keyboards and a lightly chugging acoustic guitar pattern highlight the next track, “Bored Of Judas”.  Standout track, “Randy Quaid” features a fun middle section where various instruments: a vintage organ, a slightly distorted guitar, a skronky sax, a vocal choir and a piano each individually take a very short solo.  The heart-aching “Vacation Song” follows with a swaying melody and a hypnotic cyclical acoustic guitar figure.  And a reprise of sorts, “Apple Breath Again”, closes out the EP on a bed of shimmering and soaring synths. 

Download the Apple Breath EP here: 

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