Friday, February 22, 2013

Free Friday: Eric & Magill - "Two Travelers" EP

Songwriters Ryan Weber and Eric Osterman, who have played in Midwest indie greats, Camden, Decibully and The Promise Ring are folk-pop duo Eric & Magill.  They released their debut EP All Those I Know in 2010 and are planning to release their debut full-length Night Singers in May.  In anticipation, they have released a new EP titled, Two Travelers as a free download on their Bandcamp page this week.
The duo, with help from their amazing musician friends in the Delgados, Snailhouse and Faunts, blend together organic folk-leaning instrumentation with glimmering synths and electronic beats to create some glorious and psychedelic electro-pop soundscapes that are easy to get lost in. 
“Tangled Up In Nets” opens the 6-track EP with an easy going shuffling beat and harmonica swells along with flickering banjo figures and close-knit male/female vocal harmonies with assistance from guest Heidi Spencer of Heidi Spencer And The Rare Birds.  Standout track, “I Feel Your Pain” is the most stripped down song, with rafters-reaching reverb-rich vocal melodies and wispy lab steel.  The stuttering beat-driven “Carried Away” features tumbling drum fills and lush layers of spacey synths for another standout moment.   
With their two excellent EPs, Eric & Magill have set the bar high for their upcoming debut album, Night Singers.  Stay tuned!
Download the Two Travelers EP here:

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