Friday, February 01, 2013

Free Friday: Bad Bad Hats - "It Hurts" EP

The St. Paul, Minnesota-based folk-pop duo, consisting of Kerry Alexander and Chris Hoge just released their second EP, It Hurts as a free download on their Bandcamp page via Afternoon Records. 
The 5-song EP opens with the instantly memorable melody of the upbeat title track, “It Hurts”, with its fun kazoo solo and ear-worming background vocals.  If this infectiously catchy song doesn't explode or isn’t in a commercial in the next week, someone needs to be fired!  Another standout track, “Super America” follows with some of the sweetest melodies and some cute (but not cutesy) nostalgia-laced lyrics that name check Icees and Pepsi and evoke wasted summer days.  And the closing track, “A Bout” adds some emotional weight to complement the brighter moments on this stellar EP. 

Stream and download the It Hurts EP here:

You can also download their excellent debut EP, Grow Up here:

For more info: and


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