Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Petra Haden - "Petra Goes To The Movies"

Petra Haden, the highly-demanded studio musician and former member of 90’s punk-pop band That Dog is set to release her new album, Petra Goes To The Movies on Anti- Records today.  The highly inventive and captivating album is the follow up to her critically acclaimed album, Petra Sings The Who Sells Out, where she covered The Who’s classic album with only her voice.  Now, in the same fashion, she is using only her voice to cover and convey the cinematic scores to some of her favorite movies such as Psycho, Cool Hand Luke, Goldfinger and The Social Network. 
Although Petra makes every striking violin melody and every trumpet call on the album with only her mouth, she is also assisted by legendary guitarist Bill Frisell on “This Is Not America” from the film, The Falcon And The Snowman as well as on Tootsie’s “It Might Be You”, where her father, jazz great Charlie Haden plays bass and where she lends her beautiful singing voice to the film’s most climatic moment.  And jazz pianist Brad Melhdau also lends his talents to the gorgeous and moving, “Calling You” from Baghdad Café. 
One of the standout tracks include the instantly memorable and haunting main title to Psycho, which lends itself to a new brand of insanity with Petra’s wild voice swirling and pinging around your headphones.  Another standout is the frenetic and bouncy “Carlotta’s Galop” taken from the movie, 8 ½.    
Petra Goes To The Movies is meant to be fully absorbed with a great pair of headphones, so to be able to hear each and every wondrous part of the songs. 
Check out the video for “Psycho Main Title” here:

For more info:  http://petrahaden.com/ and http://www.anti.com/


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