Friday, November 02, 2012

Free Friday: Dolfish - "I'd Rather Disappear Than Stay The Same"

Dolfish is the recording moniker for the Cleveland-based indie folk singer-songwriter Max Sollisch.  His debut album, I'd Rather Disappear Than Stay The Same was released this week on vinyl through Afternoon Records (Pomegranates, Yellow Ostrich) and is also available as a pay-what-you-want digital download. 
His humorous yet heartfelt ruminations on life and love are bolstered by his distinct voice (that has traces of Daniel Johnston's) and the full band arrangements and production provided by label-mate Patrick Tape Fleming of The Poison Control Center. 
"Perspective Is A Funny Thing" stands out on the 12 track album with its bluesy old timey guitar riff, pounding drums and tongue-in-cheek lyrics.  Another standout is the opening track “Grown Ups” which features a twinkling, cyclical guitar riff and Max’s emotional yelping vocals.  The title track, “I’d Rather Disappear Than Stay The Same” adds a propulsive rhythm, vintage organ and electric guitar to his unique brand of folk to great effect.  On the other hand, two songs "Oil In This Heart" and a shorter version of "Proud Of You Joanna" from his debut EP, Your Love Is Bummin' Me Out make a reprise but with much sparser arrangements than before.             


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