Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Two Gallants - "The Bloom And The Blight"

Two Gallants return from a five year hiatus with The Bloom And The Blight, their highly anticipated new album and their debut for nerw label ATO Records.  The duo of Adam Stephens and Tyson Vogel have always created a unique punk-infused brand of blues and folk rock with mostly acoustic instruments but for the new John Congleton (The Walkmen, St. Vincent)-produced album, they have plugged in the guitars for their most intense, emotional and thrilling set of songs yet.  

The thundering drums and sludge thick guitars of opener "Halcyon Days", provides the perfect introduction to their more abrasive sound, while also perfectly capturing their live energy.  The electrified music of "Song Of Songs" with its tumbling drums, matches the emotional intensity of Adam Stephens' vocals.  The bluesy swagger of the single, "My Love Won't Wait" stands out with a churning and crashing loud/soft dynamic and an infectiously unhinged chorus.  The first single, "Broken Eyes" is more acoustic-based with a bouncy folk-driven vocal cadence along with harmonica and some close knit harmonies.  The anthemic "Ride Away" crashes back in with cascading guitars and aching, soul-baring vocals.  To showcase their softer side, ethereal cello highlights the dreamy ballad "Decay" which was written by Tyson Vogel, a first on a Two Gallants album.  A cyclical acoustic guitar figure opens "Winter's Youth" before erupting into a storm of howling vocals and grungy guitars.  Another standout, "Willie" shows their almost supernatural ability to craft their own songs to sound like traditional folk songs that sound instantly memorable and familiar at the same time.  And the album closes out with "Cradle Pyre" its off-kilter rhythm and the soothing, gently picked guitars of "Sunday Souvenirs".           

The Bloom And The Blight is the album Two Gallants fans have been waiting for, the raw energy of their live show coupled with the intensity of the electric arrangements makes for their best album yet.

Download "My Love Won't Wait" here:

For more info: http://www.twogallants.com/ and http://atorecords.com/


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