Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dylan Mondegreen - "Dylan Mondegreen"

Dylan Mondegreen is the recording moniker for Norwegian indie-pop singer-songwriter Børge Sildnes, whose self-titled third album was released today on Shelflife Records.  His silky smooth voice and intricate chamber-pop arrangements have drawn comparisions to Sufjan Stevens and Jens Lekman.  The stunning new album, produced and mixed by the legendary Ian Catt (Saint Etienne) is his first to be released in the United States and his lush, gorgeous pop music should easily fill the void for all of those listeners still pining for the "non-electronic" Sufjan sound or for Belle And Sebastian's glory days.

The album opens with the soaring string section of "The Castaway" which hints at Belle And Sebastian-like twee but with a more sophisticated and personal edge.  "Come Tomorrow" follows with another impeccable arrangement, loaded to the top with a string ensemble, piano, acoustic guitar, woodwinds and synths along with a beautiful female vocal counterpart on the standout track.  "Life As A Father" features lilting lullaby-like melodies and touching lyrics on the ballad.  "The Heart Is A Muscle" is a soft rock strummer with chiming guitars, a walking bass line and a catchy chorus.  The first single, "It Takes Two" stands out with the upbeat and feel good vibe brought upon from the interplay between the violins and the instantly hummable real steel drum melody.  "Keeper Of Secrets" wraps you in a warm embrace of serene strings and clicking percussion and "You Make It Easy" is a jangle-pop delight with horns and a catchy, sing-along chorus.  The 9-track album closes with the nostalgic yet malancholic "Yesterday When I Was Young" and the 60's pop bounce and saxophone solo of "Tears All Over Town".

Dylan Mondegreen has flown under the radar here in the States but his new self-titled album is a pop masterpiece with emotion and melody to spare and should give him the exposure he so rightly deserves.

Download "It Takes Two" here (for the price of an email):



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