Friday, August 03, 2012

Free Friday: Deep Elm Records - "Postrockology" Compilation

Deep Elm Records who with bands like Brandtson and The Appleseed Cast, helped put "emo" on the map in the late 90's is still quietly churning out great music out of Hawaii, formerly North Carolina.  Over the years though, their roster of bands has grown and evolved and they have now built an impressive roster of post-rock bands that are following in the footsteps of The Appleseed Cast.

To bring you up to speed, Deep Elm is giving away Postrockology a free digital compilation that celebrates their history and the future of post-rock that includes two Appleseed classics and a host of mind-blowing tracks from bands like, Coma Recovery who contributes "Red Lightning Child/Great Emptiness", the churning opening track to their powerful latest album, Goddverb.  Swedish instrumental imports Moonlit Sailor also include their massively epic track "1994".  Another great track from a few years back, comes from Moving Mountians and their massively moving, "8105".  And Athletics provides another standout moment on the 12 track collection, with their shimmering track, "Why Aren't I Home?", the band has also recently released a stripped-down EP of pretty piano versions of four of the already cinematic tracks from the album Why Aren't I Home?

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