Monday, July 23, 2012

Video Premiere: Woodpecker - "The Processional"

The Brooklyn-based alt-folk band is set to release their long-awaited sophomore album Thanks Anyway tomorrow.  And to celebrate, here is the premiere of their new video for the delicate and melancholic mandolin and violin-led instrumental track, "The Processional", which features a sad man wandering around on vacation with only his giraffe-shaped children's life preserver to keep him company. Frontman Josh Steinbauer is also a cinematographer and directed the stunning video for the track.  In fact, most of the 6 band members are also filmmakers as they formed almost a decade ago from a Craigslist ad to score a short independent film.  Their fittingly cinematic sound is laced with bluegrass instrumentation and punk-infused spirit and humorous lyrics that put a twist on their more serious music. 

Also, below is a download of the first single, "Every Boy In NY" which features twinkling banjo and mandolin figures, homespun male/female harmonies and Steinbauer's unique storytelling.   

Download "Every Boy In NY":

For more info: and


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