Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Lull - "Meat Mountain" EP

Chicago art-rock band A Lull are set to release their new EP Meat Mountain today on Lujo Records.  Offered as a digital download or as a one-sided 12” vinyl, the new EP shows growth and a more subtle approach while still retaining the experimental spirit of their excellent 2011 debut album, Confetti, which was a densely layered percussion-heavy gem.   Recorded, produced and mixed by the band, the 5 songs on Meat Mountain are more spaced out with new instruments added to the band’s repertoire like saxophones, flutes and oddly enough, even cymbals were used for the first time. 
The EP opens with the one-two punch of the tumbling rhythm, 80’s-inspired synth sounds and skronky saxophone of the first single, “Summer Dress” and “Beaches” with its breezy, glimmering melodies and sing-along chorus.  The lighter, more upbeat and appropriately titled songs reflect the fact that they were recorded in Chicago during the uncharacteristically mild winter of 2012.  “Still Got Pull” opens with a buzzing guitar and frantic rhythm for a slightly darker moment.  “Not About It” stands out with a creeping ambiance of synths and guitars and they use their voices as another instrument to create some primal, siren-like and swaying melodies.  "Would That I Could" closes out the EP with crashing bursts of noise contrasted by touches of beautiful clarity and harmony.  
With the Meat Mountain EP, A Lull has proved that their excellent debut Confetti, was no fluke and that the band is geared to constantly evolve, which only ramps up the anticipation for their next album.       


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