Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Joey Cook - "I Don't Know If We're In A Garden' EP

Joey Cook, the multi-instrumentalist with the quirky tenor from Cincinnati psych-pop band the Pomegranates has just released his new solo EP I Don’t Know If We’re In A Garden on the heels of the release of the Pomegranates’ excellent new album, Heaven.
The noisy and propulsive title track, “I Don’t Know If We’re In A Garden”, opens the 7-track EP with growling guitars, tumbling drums and ping-ponging vocals that are a departure from the dream-pop of his parent band. Sounding a little more like what you would expect, “Little Heart” features strummy guitars and close-knit harmonies that could pass as a sweet Poms B-side. “Are You There?” is a short ambient instrumental and blends into the 60’s-inspired psychedelic pop of standout track “Frozen Lake”, which features a thick, walking bass line and a trippy extended instrumental passage to end the song. “Weird Dream” is a lushly layered and cinematic track tailor-made to be the soundtrack to your weirdest dream. And where “Weird Dream” was calm and collected yet slightly off-kilter, the aptly-titled “Dream Went Bad” follows with a chaotic tangle of noisy keyboard and guitar outbursts set to a frantic beat. The EP closes with the super-short acoustic guitar-led “Goodbye” with its hopeful, “winter is finally over” sentiment.
After releasing four albums with the Pomegranates and several EPs, singles and an album by himself, the ever-prolific Joey Cook proves with his latest EP, I Don’t Know If We’re In A Garden that he is one of the most interesting and engaging songwriters in the indie music scene today.        

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