Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Baby Teeth - "White Tonight"

Chicago's Baby Teeth are back with their highly-anticipated (especially by me) new album White Tonight.  Self-produced and released on their own No Means No Music label, the trio's new album is again filled to the brim with their unique brand of keyboard-led 70's loving indie-pop and set to witty lyrics that deal with life and aging (not so gracefully) in the rock scene.

"New Milk" opens the album with a bouncy midtempo rhythm, dizzying synth melodies and some Talking Heads-like background vocals to set the tone for the album.  The title track and first single, "White Tonight" stands out with a tale of regret and new priorities set to a danceable disco beat.  "Undefeated" features room-filling vintage organ swells and saxophone that revel in 70's rock glory.  "Space" follows with a galloping and frenzied rush of fuzzed out bass and keyboard freakouts for another standout moment. While the song's character may no longer be able to rock out, the music to "Diamonds" certainly fills the arena and his shoes.  "Cocaine Again" is a piano-led saxophone-laced ode to the white drug.  Pounding piano and spazzy keyboard fills highlight the upbeat and psychedelic stand out track "World Of Nothing".  And the eight-song album ends before you are ready with the glimmering 80's-inspired synths and sing-along chorus of the peppy and propulsive "Paul".       

With White Tonight, their excellent fourth full-length, Baby Teeth again create some of the most ingenious and infectious music around with style and humor to match.    

Download the single "White Tonight" here: http://www.zshare.net/audio/99494181cc9bb6ea/

For more info: http://52teeth.wordpress.com/ and www.myspace.com/babyteethmusic and http://babyteethmusic.bandcamp.com/


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