Friday, December 02, 2011

Free Friday: Young Galaxy - "Versus"

The Canadian dream-pop band Young Galaxy has just released Versus, an 11-song collection of the remixes the band has recorded for other artists and they are offering it up on the Paper Bag Records site as a free download.  The artists Young Galaxy have remixed include Handsome Furs, Junior Boys, and Grimes as well as fellow label mates CFCF, Johan Agebjorn and Austra.


1. "Serve The People" (Handsome Furs)

2. "You'll Improve Me" (Junior Boys)

3. "Lose It" (Austra)

4. "Better Off Dead" (The Sounds)

5. "Crystal Ball" (Grimes)

6. "Snake Charmer" (CFCF)

7. "Call Me" (The Pipettes)

8. "Watch The World Go By" (Johan Agebjorn)

9. "Michigan Left" (The Arkells)

10. "Spellwork" (Austra)

11. "This Crowded Room" (Freedom or Death)

Download Versus in exchange for an email here:

For more info click here: and


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