Wednesday, November 02, 2011

3 Songs: On Repeat

1.  The Fling - "Dogpile" (Trippy and reverb-soaked first single with layers of spacey country vocal harmonies taken from their new 7-song What I've Seen EP out now on Dangerbird Records, who also re-released their excellent debut album When The Madhouses Appear this past May.)


2.  Treefight For Sunlight - "Facing The Sun" (First single of twinkling and twee psych pop from the Denmark-based band's sun-drenched 70's pop-loving debut album A Collection Of Vibrations For Your Skull due out next week on Friendly Fire Records.)


3.  Sandman Viper Command - "Rough Love" (These four Canadians put their own unique spin on 60's pop stylings and Sloan-like crunchy power-pop on the title track to their new single, out now.)



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