Friday, October 14, 2011

Free Friday: Belle Adair - "EP"

Muscle Shoals, Alabama-based folk-pop band Belle Adair have just released a new 7" on Speak/Sing Records after self-releasing their self-titled debut EP on their own in January.  The band, led by singer-songwriter and guitarist Matt Green is preparing to record their debut full-length album this fall, with plans to release it next year.  In anticipation and in celebration of their 7" release, the band is giving away their EP as a free download on their Bandcamp page. 
The six-song EP opens with the sprawling, slow-burning ambient folk of "STN", featuring Matt Green's inviting vocals which are reminiscent of Eric Johnson's of the Fruit Bats.  "No Reply" is a slice of slightly jaunty folk-pop in the vein of early Wilco.  And the power-pop of "Paris Is Free" stands out with room-filling vintage organ and dueling guitars.  All of the songs have crafty arrangements and "Happy To Pretend" adds banjo, harmonica, dobro, Wurlitzer and a fuzzed-out bass line to the mix with everything fitting right into place.  "Eye To Eye" is a piano-led ballad with beautiful harmonies and Beatles-esque melodies.  "History Of Dreams" closes out the excellent EP with ethereal female guest vocals from Amber Murray.         

UPDATE: The EP is no longer free but worth the small price!

Download the Belle Adair EP here:

For more info click here:


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