Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Undeserving - "Almost Alive"

The Undeserving, a Christian pop-rock band hailing from NW Ohio have triumphantly self-released their debut album Almost Alive, this week after experiencing legal woes with their former label Warner Bros. Records that delayed its release. The band’s name has become quite appropriate since their formation in 2005, as they were signed and subsequently dropped from Warner Bros. Records even after their successful first single, “Something To Hope For” was heard on several TV shows such as American Idol, The Biggest Loser and Blue Bloods among others. Almost Alive, which was mixed by Michael Brauer, who has worked with such like-minded acts as Coldplay and The Fray, was shelved until the label and the band finally were able to come to an agreement over the rights to the music. Throughout the ordeal, the 4-piece band, led by vocalist/pianist Clay Kirchenbauer has remained just as positive as the soaring piano-led pop-rock of their debut.

The ringing guitars, shuffling beat and anthemic chorus of “For All Time” opens the 11-track album with a proud statement and continues with the positive vibes and sweet melodies that exude on the uplifting chorus of the radio-ready “Cheer Up (We’re Almost Alive)”. The ballad “Fall” features sharp falsetto vocals and enough emotional weight to balance the rafters-reaching chorus. “Let’s Not Forget” stands out with twinkling keys and swelling orchestration. Elsewhere, while “Nothing Else” falls just short, sounding a little too similar to Coldplay with its vocal cadence, the skyward hook is undeniably infectious. Another standout, “Look Inside” relies less on the piano with driving guitars as a mid-album change of pace. The soulful lyrics of the passionate ballad “There For You” highlights the band’s universal appeal, perfectly designed to appeal to both Contemporary Christian audiences and to the mainstream pop audience. The piano-led single, “Something To Hope For”, originally released in 2010 is included here, tucked away near the end of the album with a message of hope for those who may be struggling and an uplifting chorus that just begs to be included in a TV drama soundtrack. And the album closes with the introspective and emotional “Today You Said I Love You”.

The Undeserving’s anticipated debut, Almost Alive is filled with 11 melodic and emotional pop-rock anthems that are well deserving of radio play, inclusion on TV soundtracks and a spot in your collection.

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