Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thrice - "Major/Minor"

Thrice return with their new album Major/Minor, out today on Vagrant Records. The band, known for their ambitious and forward-thinking sound have returned to their roots for the new album. Though still atmospheric and experimental at the core, the back to basics approach incorporates crunchy guitars and fat bass lines that instantly invoke 90’s era grunge; even vocalist/guitarist Dustin Kensrue adopts the soaring vocal qualities of Chris Cornell, without pastiche. The album title is a play off of the yin and yang symbolism with a contrast of light and dark themes both musically and lyrically.

Blurring the edges between Thrice, Soundgarden and even Tool, the one-two punch of “Yellow Belly” and “Promises” open the album with loose, distorted bass lines, rumbling drums and huge, anthemic choruses that feel instantly familiar and new at the same time. The upbeat “Blinded” opens with a guitar riff that smells like teen spirit and features tumbling drums that just barely maintain control on the standout track. “Cataracts” is a perfect example of the theme of the album, splitting the difference with a chugging and stomping heaviness and spiky guitars and a soaring chorus. “Treading Paper” is spacious and atmospheric with a palpable emotional weight with ringing, skyward guitars that match the yearning in the vocals. The aptly titled, “Blur” opens in a flurry of guitars then trades in the intensity on the verses with whale call-like guitar harmonics and the closest thing to a breakdown in years, to end the stand out track. Another standout, “Anthology” hits hard with big, open chords and an even bigger chorus, even incorporating a little of the dirt road twang of Dustin’s solo work. The eleven track album closes with the arena-sized “Disarmed” and its room-filling vintage organ and sing-along “whoa, oh’s”.

After a successful string of experimental albums, Major/Minor allows Thrice to relax and get back to where they started and just bang out some great rock songs with a positive message, and all without losing who they have become during the process.

Download "Promises" here: http://s3.amazonaws.com/site-images.vagrant.com/audio_items/295/02_Promises.mp3

For more info click here: http://www.thrice.net/ and http://www.vagrant.com/


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