Friday, September 09, 2011

Dream Concert: Fruit Bats

With the Dream Concert feature, I usually make a "dream" set list and choose the venue for a hypothetical show with one of my favorite bands that I have yet to witness live. But this one is a little bit different because I have actually seen the Fruit Bats before. I saw them open for Modest Mouse on both nights of a two nights stay at the Southgate House in Newport, KY in September of 2001. So it has been ten years and four albums since I have seen Eric Johnson and his poppy indie folk outfit. It's almost like I've never seen them! Well, tonight I get that chance and at the venue I would choose, The Southgate House, as the Fruit Bats are on tour to support their new album Tripper, with neo-folkie and fellow Sub Pop label mate Vetiver opening. Here is a list of songs I hope they play.

Set List (by album)


Dragon Ships

Buffalo And Deer

Need It Just A Little


A Bit Of Wind

The Little Acorn

When U Love Somebody

Spelled In Bones:

Lives Of Crime

Born In The 70's

Earthquake of '73

Legs Of Bees

Canyon Girl

The Ruminant Band:


The Hobo Girl

The Ruminant Band


So Long

You're Too Weird

Tony The Tripper

Heart Like An Orange

Tangie And Ray

Picture Of A Bird

Shivering Fawn

Hopefully I will get to check off quite a few of these songs from the list. Fingers crossed!

Download "A Bit Of Wind" from the album Mouthfuls here:

For more info click here: and


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