Thursday, August 18, 2011

Braid - "Closer To Closed" EP

Now I must admit, I got into Braid after discovering Hey Mercedes and I know, for most people it is the other way around. Well, either way Braid is back with a newly recorded EP Closer To Closed that was released this week on Polyvinyl Records. It features 3 new songs as well as a cover of Jeff Hanson's "You Are the Reason" and was produced by Frame And Canvas producer J. Robbins.

All original members return and guitarist/vocalist Chris Broach takes lead on the bouncy opening track and first single, "The Right Time". Bob Nanna (guitar, vocals) takes his turn on "Do Over", with its fast-paced math rock rhythm and bittersweet lyrics. Bassist Todd Bell brings the weight to the light-hearted piano-led cover of "You Are The Reason". And drummer-extraordinaire Damon Atkinson's thundering drums and fills provide more than just a backbeat to standout closing track "Universe Or Worse".

For their first new material in over a decade, Closer To Closed is well worth the wait as they have brought the energy and nostalgia back but with added dimensions that show their growth and new found influences. Braid currently has just a few shows lined up with no major tour or recording plans but hopefully that will change, because I can't wait to hear more!

Download "The Right Time" here:

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