Friday, July 01, 2011

Free Friday: Kris N. - "Heart Scarf"

Kris N. the ever prolific lo-fi singer-songwriter returns with the release of his new album Heart Scarf, out this week on Dayton-based indie label Poptek. Actually, he had been working on another album Supine Sailor, but a divorce knocked him off course and as an outlet, Heart Scarf was written with a cathartic sense of urgency.

The title track, "Heart Scarf" sets the tone with a rhythmic acoustic guitar, a scaling vocal melody and stinging lyrics: "I loved once long ago and maybe I will love once more". "I'm A Lion (I'm Lying)" features whimsical guitar melodies and a close, open-room feel with background noise intact. Standout track "Note To Self" is the perfect pep-talk for when you are so deep in a funk that even mundane everyday tasks seem defeating. The short and sweet "Marlon Brando" features ambient layers of swaying guitars. The ringing, cyclical guitars and muffled vocals of "BDSM" lends itself well to the album's tone. Another standout track "Keyboards And All" features a steady, bobbing guitar line and a sweet, hummable melody. The cathartic "12 Gun Salute" closes out the album with banging guitar chords that sound like clanging church bells.

Heart Scarf is full of Kris's understated but catchy melodies with lyrics rooted in heartache, hope and healing for a deeply personal album that reaches the heart of the listener as well.

Download Heart Scarf here: or you can purchase it at iTunes, Amazon or directly from Poptek Records!

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