Wednesday, July 27, 2011

3 Songs: On Repeat

1. Aficionado - "Falsified Inspiration" (Taken from their self-titled debut album out now on No Sleep Records, which deftly blends punk, indie rock and everything in-between with a flair for experimentation and male/female vocals for a sound that touches on their current tour partner Tim Kasher's band, Cursive.)


2. The Features - "Content" (The shuffling, psychedelic and poppy first single from Wilderness, their third album and second for the Kings of Leon's label, Serpents and Snakes. The Nashville-based band incorporates prog and classic rock motives with Southern boogie into their brand of indie rock for an appealing sound all their own.)


3. The Pursesnatchers - "Wet Cement" (New single from A Pattern Language, the debut album by the husband and wife team of Doug Marvin, formerly of shoegaze-poppers Dirty on Purpose and Annie Hart of the dreamy, synth-pop band Au Revoir Simone. Their new sound marries the hazy, beauty of Hart's former band with the fuzzed out frenzy of Marvin's for a match made in Heaven! Out now on Uninhabitable Mansions.)



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