Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rubblebucket - "Omega La La"

Energetic Brooklyn eight-piece Rubblebucket are set to release their new album Omega La La today on Sin Duda Records. Their nearly unclassifiable indie-pop features buoyant synths and punchy horns for an album that is psychedelic and infectiously catchy. Omega La La was produced by DFA-vet Eric Broucek (LCD Soundsystem, Hercules and Love Affair) who maximized the kinetic energy of their live show to its most danceable potential.

“Down In The Yards” opens the album with intertwining male/female vocal harmonies and an exuberant chorus with horns that match it in intensity. “L’Homme” features bubbling synths and lyrics sung in French with 60’s psychedelic background vocals. First single, “Silly Fathers” is led by a flickering disco guitar riff and a catchy call-and-response chorus. Also included are two re-recorded standout tracks from last year’s excellent Triangular Daisies EP; “Came Out Of A Lady” features the same jubilant horns and sugary sweet pop-meets-World Music hook but the infectiously catchy whistling at the heart of the original, has been sadly diminished. And the EP’s title track “Triangular Daisies” with its rapid-fire, echoing vocals and whistle solo is polished up with cleaner production and subtle bits of new instrumentation added. Other standout tracks are “Raining” with its stomping, clapping beat and jazzy chords, the hypnotic synths and 80’s vibe of “Breatherz” and the positive message and skronky saxophone of the “Worker”.

Rubblebucket’s quirky arrangements and bright melodies make for the perfect summer record on the first day of summer!

Download "Worker" here: http://www.girlieaction.com/music/rubblebucket/downloads/Worker.mp3

For more info click here http://www.rubblebucket.com/ (Where you can also download the new album for free if you help spread the word on Facebook!)


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