Friday, March 18, 2011

Sad Cadillac - "Live From The Buddha Den NTRO-XPO" EP

The up and coming new Dayton-based lo-fi trio Sad Cadillac are working on their debut recording and playing every show they can, but in the meantime they have released an EP of their material recorded live at South Park Tavern (as part of their month long residency there last month), as a free download on their Bandcamp page. The band consisting of guitarist/vocalists James Smith and Kris Hauser and drummer Josh Hodapp blend the doubled-fuzzed guitar tones of Hum with The Jesus and Mary Chain’s wall of sound along with Pavement-like guitar noodling, creating a sound so thick a bassist isn’t even necessary.

“My Big Bang” opens the EP with crashing waves of dueling guitars, soaring vocals and a thrashing rock out moment to end the song with a big bang of its own. Stand out track “Carbon Copy Smile” sounds like a lost 90’s era alt-rock gem with shimmering and spacey guitars over a chugging, propulsive beat and a catchy chorus, with a hint of classic rock for good measure. The psychedelic “Admiral Sun” features moaning vocals with dense winding guitars for another standout moment. “Smoke And Mirrors” features a memorable guitar melody that floats above the squalling feedback-drenched wall of sound with another sing-along chorus. The last of the live songs, “Personal Consultant” goes all out, splitting the difference between moments of poppy jangle and stomping grunge with a blistering guitar solo. Also included are two self-recorded demo tracks, the crunchy and brooding “Sugar, Sociopath” and the rumbling but melodic “Roger Adapter”.

Download the Live From The Buddha Den EP and keep an eye out for more from this hard-working band.


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