Friday, March 11, 2011

Free Friday: Eureka Birds - "Eureka! EP"

Eureka Birds are a Baltimore-based band led by vocalist/keyboardist and songwriter Justin Levy. In October they released a new EP titled Eureka! for free download on their Bandcamp page. They recorded it in Indianapolis with Tyler Watkins of Margot and the Nuclear So & So’s producing and playing bass on the album, along with fellow “So & So” Erik Kang, lending his skills on the violin. The Eureka Birds perfectly blend Margot-like chamber-pop with the analog synths and lyrical wit of Grandaddy as well as the fractured folk of the Fruit Bats for a sound all their own.

“That Mountain Is A Volcano” opens the EP on a light vintage organ line, jabs of guitar and Justin’s smooth, warm voice before building to an end with spiraling distorted guitar and noisy samples. The easy waltzing “Sarah (Sits and Cries)” features lilting strings and background vocals as part of its lush arrangement. The piano-led “Sunset On Film” features a melancholic Elliott Smith-like vocal that would make for the perfect soundtrack to a sun-setting scene of farewell in a movie. Standout track “Cactus Man” tells the sad yet witty tale of a loner who has “always wanted balloons” and a waterbed; the song has an undeniably infectious chorus and by the end of the song you will be rooting for the Cactus Man! The EP closes with “We’ll Get By”, set to a bittersweet 70’s soft rock vibe and another string-laden arrangement.

Download the Eureka! EP now and have your own “Eureka!” moment when you discover this great band for the first time!

You can also download their self-titled album on Bandcamp for free also or you can name your price...they will also be playing at SXSW this year so maybe you can help them buy a taco while they're down there.

Download the Eureka! EP here:

For more info click here:


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