Thursday, March 03, 2011

The 45's - "This Is Life"

The 45’s songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Michael LaVolpe has recruited an excellent supporting cast of musicians to help bring his vision to life on his self-released debut This Is Life, out now digitally on iTunes. Their nostalgic and eclectic mix of rock and folk never lacks a catchy hook or memorable melody.

The upbeat title track, “This Is Life” opens the album with a glammy mix of Beatles-inspired melodies and honky-tonk piano. “All Around You” takes inspiration from 80’s soft rock with a radio-ready chorus. Standout track “Song For The Broken Hearted” is a driving, arena-rock anthem with chugging guitars and an insistent beat. The first single, “I Could Stay With You” comes complete with Americana accruements like pedal steel and a shuffling beat that match the emotional weight of the lyrics. “A Little Bit Closer” showcases a soulful side with a Blues-inflected groove matched with female background vocals and a vintage organ solo. The bouncing sunny pop of “Please Be Careful” and “Living Life In Style” sound like they would be live favorites. And speaking of their live show, “Holy Roller (Hold It High)” ends the album on a high note with a punchy, piano-led 70’s rock groove and sing-along that could easily close out their live show just as well.

For all the chameleon-like changes, This Is Life has a strong cohesiveness and an undeniable catchiness, making for an excellent debut.

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Awesome album!!! I love these guys!!!

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