Friday, September 10, 2010

Interview: Admiral Radley

Atlas and the Anchor: Though the recording process was described as "loose and enjoyable", what roles, either expected or unexpected, did each member fall into during the writing and recording of the album?

Aaron Espinoza: Besides writing songs...ummmmm...well...I was basically the over-see'r of the studio side of things...overall production/mixing/mastering etc...Jason and Ari are really good at little hooky keyboard or vocal melody they provided a lot of the xtra's...Aaron B. is the drummer and shot-gunner of beers!

AA: Did you have a sound in mind that you wanted to create other than a mix of Grandaddy and Earlimart?

Aaron E. No. We didn't overthink any of the was all pretty natural. Whatever we were feelin at the time...that's what made the cut. We would'nt spend too much time on any one part or song...tried not getting bogged down...we just kept movin.

AA: Your first shows were during SXSW this year, how was that experience and do you have any future tour plans for the East Coast or Midwest after your "I Heart California" tour?
Aaron E. It was a blast! and totally frightening at the same time.....we barely knew the songs, by the time sxsw happened.....but it was such fun. We've probably gotten a bit better since then....we've now done a pretty extensive tour of North America and we're about to do some more west coast dates with Band of Horses in late Sept. So pumped!

AA: What are you listening to in the tour van?
Aaron E. A lot of cassettes...Kenny Rogers, some 80's mix tape that Ari had...Lytle is really into books on tape...Steinbeck and whatnot. Aaron B. still looks for Suicidal Tendencies at every truck stop!

AA: Jason, what Earlimart song do you wish you would have written yourself?
Jason Lytle: All of em!

AA: Aaron, what Grandaddy song do you wish you would have written yourself?
Aaron E. Eh...I dunno...maybe, "He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's The Pilot"

AA: Is Admiral Radley a side project or will it continue as a band and are there any other side projects any of you are working on currently?

Aaron E. Dunno...maybe. We'll see. It's been fun gettin' everyone together like this. Hangin out...playin some music...even the touring part of it. Lots o' hijinx.

AA: Warning...Corny final question: Describe why you "heart" California in 2 words or less?
Aaron E. Tri-Tip!

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