Friday, September 03, 2010

Free Friday: Big Charlie - "That Really Hurts" EP

Big Charlie is the moniker for Italian indie-electro duo Matteo De Ruggieri and Stefano Milella. They are giving away their new EP That Really Hurts for free on their website. They create a funky and jazzy electro-pop for fans of Phoenix, Daft Punk and Beck.

The EP opens with a short intro titled, “Jitterbug” with a ragtime rhythm and a kooky kazoo melody that leads into the next song, “Backseat” which features the same ragtime theme set to a stuttering disco beat with a catchy chorus. The standout first single, “Roses” opens with tinkling piano and croons and swoons like Bowie fronting an electro version of Roxy Music. And the EP closes with “Ants” and its stylish bursts of horns, handclaps and a 60’s spy film vibe for a danceable and enjoyable listen overall.

Get on board with Big Charlie now before everyone else does…and they will!

Download the That Really Hurts EP here:

Watch the video for "Roses" here:

For more info click here: and


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